little alchemy 2 cheat sheet unblocked

A cheat for xtramath [SHOW MORE]
The url to find the code:
This video is out of date. A new one will be uploaded soon!
Changes since this video was uploaded: Activate the cheat, and click on the keypad buttons to use it.

Go to this link: Then follow the instructions on the website. you can pick between greasemonkey and bookmarklet
Then goto If you choose the bookmarklet, when the first problem appears click on the bookmark. The greasemonkey script will activate automatically. You should then get a little red box with text at the top. This will close in 10 seconds. Open the xtramath keypad and click on any button. It will enter the correct number no matter what button you press.

Since this video was released, xtramath patched the cheat. I have updated it, however there are some changes to how it works. Instead of clicking on the bookmark and it solves the problem for you, click on the bookmark and then wait for the little red window to pop up at the top. This means that the cheat has been loaded. Next open the keypad and click on any button. No matter what button you push it will enter the correct number.
click on the link and create the bookmark with the code the link gives you. Do not add the url here to your bookmark.

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Hey guys, Ryo here! I haven’t made videos in a long time so I decided that I should play this fun little game! This will be a series.
You can play the game here!

We learn to make Life and Human in Little Alchemy!